A life with kids

Cooking has been my life-passion. I love to cook my own version. Some days, my kids were so picky, i believe all children or all human would a phase of being picky. Those days were days of madness, they wouldnt try to let any food go inside. Their human instinct choose to eat something salty and comforty. Right? So what to do when that happens?

I bring them to my kitchen. I move my kitchen into the dining room. We prepare all the dishes together. I even prepare aprons and chef hats for them. And those cute whiskers just for them. One each. 

Of course, the house will messed up with laughter and splattered batter. But the whole point is to make them interested into it. Involved them in your cooking process, they will learn to respect the food you made even more. They will learn those yummy and healthy ingredients will go inside their tummy. Pssst! The whole process make them so hungry!

Those happy faces tells all. 🙂 

Dare them to cracked the egg. Its the fun part! Let them feel all the process, as far as i remember, this moment was full of joy! 

Splattered batter? Later you can clean them. No worries. Dare yourself as parents to level up the cooking process. Get the kids involved!

You will enjoy this process, they will enjoy it even more. No more picky eater! Not just eating they will make the food! 


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