Roasted Cauliflower

After school snacks could be sweet or savoury. But the most important is, it HAS to be simple. Because you know, moms doesnt have enough time. Like 24 hours isnt enough. Right? Many things to do, many schedule are waiting to be checked, so much food to be cooked and for sure, kids to feed. 

School could be hard some times, so we need to welcome those exhausted kids with good food. Yumm one. 

A simple recipe i made this time is cauliflower. It a bit hard to wash clean the cauliflower since it has branch-like veggie. You really want to clean it to get rid the dirt and small-tiny species inside the branches. You know. That green,’lil, crawling thing. I suggest to wash clean it with some warm water and salt. My mom always told me to do that when i was younger. And i surely remember it til now. One good advice, right?

After you wash the veggie, now its time to covered it with the spices. You’re not gonna believe of how good it is until you try. Put all the spices together and whisk it just to combine, then cover the cauliflower , yes you can say shake it with the spices if you want. Cover them well and let rest. Ah yes, dont forget to preheat your oven. The most important thing to do. Never forget to preheat. Because yes it does make a difference to how cookes your meal is. 

Simply put the spiced cauliflower to your bakeware. Here i use jelly pan. A nonstick one. Dont forget to spray them with some oil, you can use any oils, here i use extra virgin olive oil.. Toss them one more time and put straight to the oven, leave it for 30-45minutes, toss them several times to avoid burning only one side. Done!

No food is complete without dipping sauce. I mix tar tar with some powdered chilli pepper and splash honey mustard to give a bit tangy taste to the sauce. You cannot imagine how simple it was and how tasty. Yumm! 

And look! My youngest one is spreading the sauce on top before he munch them. Time saving, easy to find ingredients and healthy! 

He was so happy of this after-school snack. He didnt even mind to change his clothes 🙂 go try the recipe and tell me what you and your kids think. 

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