Smashed mini potatoes

My kids love small potatoes than bigger ones. One bite potato. What can be more easy and fun than that? And kids would love them too. For them, easy to eat meal are more interesting. No need to peel the skin, because potato skin is good and nutritious too! Kids would find them so crunchy. Who doesnt?

Find organic potato if you can, but any kind will do. Always rinse them in water and brush the skin politely. Til no more dirt left. 

Smashed Mini Potatoes:

1/4 kg of mini potatoes


A bit salt and black pepper


1. In a pot, boil mini/baby potatoes until tender. About 15-20 minutes. Check them with fork.

2. Drain and let cool for a while.

3. Place them on cutting board, and smashed with knife or your palm hand. Its cooled anyway. Wont burn your hand. Smashed them lightly, dont crushed.

4. Heat a little bit of corn oil and fry them in medium heat, 2 minutes every side. 

5. Now you can sprinkle with salt or pepper.

Anyway, i made a dipping sauce this time. I mix tartar sauce with powdered cayenne pepper. Soooo goooodd!!! 

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