Three clapping chef is about recipes me and my kids made we tried. We guarantee the recipes are all simple and fail proof. Cooking with kids some times are so scary, all messed up, and the after math could be really intolerable. We want to show you and encourage all parents to be dare enough to cook with kids. Because, it is about FUN! The mess, the struggle to keep up with the exact measurement, the fight between kids, the aftermath dishes.. Will be paid with the moment we earn. Not just about cooking, kids will learn how to be neat, how to read the instructions carefully and to witness how to make food from scratch.

Three clapping chef is, in fact, my three boys who loves to cook or maybe messing up the cooking process with me. By the first day i made this blog, they are 6, 4 and 3 years old. and they are ALL boys. My youngest one is somehow whom inspires me to do this. He always wanted to do cooking with me. He whisk, he crack the egg and he splattered the batter everywhere. My middle one is more to be the ‘cleanest’ kid in the house. So somehow i need him to keep all the clean-business on track. The oldest one, is the thinker-kid. He can read carefully so let him keep the recipes on track.

Three of them, yes surely they made me cook everyday. I hope this blog will help parents whom , maybe, ideas-less of what food to make to feed the hungry children. One for sure is never let them hungry! Or they gonna be CRANKY!